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Key Qualifications

J.M. Ashworth specialises in:

He has been a Freelance Consultant for more than 20-years. Over his career he has been a Team-Leader, Manager and Principal Consultant for various companies and projects, and an Expert and Technical Adviser for a Ministry. He has worked on projects funded by the: Agence Française de Développement (AFD); Asian Development Bank (ADB); European External Aid (EU); Food & Agricultural Organisation (FAO); Southern African Development Community (SADC); US-Aid; and, World Bank (WB).

He has experience of working in 18 different countries (Afghanistan, Albania, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Canada, India, Kenya, Kosovo, Laos, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Sudan, Thailand, UK, USA and Vietnam).

Education and Professional Status

M.Sc., Hydrogeology, University of London, 1982.

Diploma Hydrogeology, University College London, 1982.

B.Sc. (2:1 Hons.), Environmental Science, Plymouth Polytechnic, 1980.

Other Certificates

BSAFE, HSHAA, SSAFE, Basic & Advanced Security in the Field (UN/FAO, Afghanistan)

Petroleum Safety, H2S Alive (Canada & Oman)

1st Aid (St. John's Ambulance, Canada)

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