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Welcome to This site is the home of J.M. Ashworth a Consultant Hydrogeologist and Water Resources Specialist.

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What I can offer you:

The following are some of the skills and services that I can offer you:



River Basin Assessment and Management:

Legislative and economic considerations aside, water resource management plans start with a comprehensive assessment of the components of a river basin’s water balance, available resources and the appreciation of how changes to one or more components of this balance affect other components and the environment in terms of quantity, quality and location.

Information collated into databases and presented on maps, using ArcGIS, are key to a regional perspective for the management of water resource components. In general, four general categories of data are required.

Expert services can be provided to collate and process water resources information from stakeholders, field inventories, pilot projects and the internet, onto ArcGIS maps, for assessment, management, reporting and presentation purposes.


Key sets of data required for groundwater resource assessments are often missing or inadequate. Drilling exploration boreholes, conducting aquifer tests, and initiating appropriate monitoring programs are then needed. Associated services that can be provided include facilitating remote sensing investigations (airborne, satellite and geophysical investigations), borehole designs, preparation of tender documents and specifications, supervision of drilling and borehole construction, aquifer and borehole testing, and analyses of data.


Effective groundwater management may require a range of different development options. The three most common requirements are:

Consulting services can be provided for the design, tendering, supervision (testing and construction) and management of these groundwater development options, or other schemes as required.


Technical advice can be provided to determine the effectiveness of groundwater assessment, management and development programs.

Conflict Solution:

Technical advice to help resolve water conflicts.



Hydrogeological consulting services can be provided to assist with Environmental Assessments and Remediation, including:


Identify sources of contamination. Sampling to delineate and characterise the extent of soil and groundwater contamination. Monitoring and testing to determine aquifer properties, hydraulic heads, groundwater velocities and flow patterns.


Determine volume of soil and groundwater impacted. Assess routes of contaminant migration. Identify potential environmental and human receptors.

Risk Analyses:

Assessment of groundwater vulnerability using either numerical groundwater models or ArcGIS overlay and index methods.


Prioritise site remediation. Evaluate and price a range of remediation options.



Project Management services are also available for:


Development of scopes, plans, schedules and budgets. Integration of ideas into project proposals.


Team Leadership responsible for personnel, logistics, procurement and disbursement of equipment, project accounting and billing, project implementation and operations.


With parties concerned with project objectives and performance, from the perspective of either the Client or Consultant.


Improving the skills of junior and counterpart staff.


Writing and editing technical, preliminary, feasibility and final reports.


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